I hadn’t posted for a while, and I was sitting there with a coffee pontificating about the effect this horrible pandemic has had on our lives. Maybe a slightly maudling thing to be thinking about, but, if the truth be told, once I got over my initial dark thoughts about it……I was quite encouraged by how people have responded!

Human Ingenuitiy

The first thing that struck me was how many businesses have re-positioned themselves. Restaurants becoming takeaways for example. And, maintaining a super positive attitude.

I’ve just been down to the local Indian and the owner was, as always mega positive. She greeted us with her usual big smile and when we asked about takeaway on Saturday (as all bars and restaurants have to close at 6pm here in Spain at the moment) was greeted by amazing customer service and a superb willingness to help.

I am in awe of people who can remain positive when all around seems to be going to shit!

Re Positioning

So, I have seen lots of stories of repositioning on the news and the like. Restaurants becoming takeaways is a prime example. Many coffee shops have done the same.

I saw another story where an artisan coffee shop in Lancaster in the U.K, was closed down in lockdown 2 and got an old coffee cart, did it up and went out on the high street selling coffee. They also went out to other businesses and sold their coffee beans and ground coffee.

There have also been reports of all sorts of businesses reporistioning to make PPE for care homes and hospitals.

It is the true human spirit shining through when times get tough.

Charitable Work

I am also in complete awe for the many businesses who have not spared a thought for themselves and have started to re-psotion their businesses to providing for the needy. Again, when times are so tight to have the benevolence to provide for people less fortunate, even when their own futures are in jeopardy, speaks volumes for the person.

Outrageous Service

The other way of course is to offer outrageous service. Now, in my humble opinion, if you are in business you should always offer the best service possible.

It is surely the best way to get people coming back for more.

I was encouraged to read this article at Butterknife Books about exactly how a second hand car dealership was dealing with and indeed, profiting during the pandemic. You can read the article here.

The simply re-enforces the view that customer servcie is king and can overcome all obstacles in business.

Get a reputation for outrageous customer service and it will get you known far and wide.

Stay safe!

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