I was priviledged to talk to online entrepreneur Derek Armson last week. We talked about his search for an online marketing mentor. It was quite a revealing chat!

So, explain why you felt you needed a mentor?

“Well, when I looked at my business, I realised three things things”, he smiles over his artisan coffee, ” I had realised that my digital marketing skillset had a few gaping holes in it, first up.Then I also realised that every time I’ve achieved major success I’ve had a mentor showing me the way”.

You said three realisations?

“Indeed, thirdly, I really wanted to move away from my SEO business into something where I wasn’t beholden to a small number of paying clients who could demand of my time as and when they wanted. Of course, supplying a service like SEO I have no problem with that call, but I didn’t really want it any more”.

Change Of Direction

“So, I decided I wanted to develop a business around affiliate marketing and my own product development, and it was in those areas that I had gaps in my skillset”.

So, how did you go about finding the right mentor?

“Good question”, he laughs, “I went through a really defined procedure”.

“I knew an Internet Marketing “pitch fest” event was coming up, so I went along and picked the best two speakers who I paced with and attended their weekend events”.

“O.K, it cost a few quid, but I needed to know who was the right person for me. This was vitally important”.

So, yes, I get that, but many people can’t afford to fork out that kind of money to find a mentor and then, presumably p[ay an awful lot more to get on to their mentor programs?

My Right!

“It’s a fair point. I was earning well from my SEO business. I was going to say I was fortunate, but that’s not true. I worked hard to build my SEO business and earned the right to do what I wanted with the money I earned. And, I could afford to do it becauise of the efforts I had put in”.

“I would say that if you can’t afford to do it this way, research who you feel would be the right mentor for you. Most of these Guys have YouTube channels and websites where you can get a flovour of their content and style. They do tend to give away quite a bit of good stuff for free”.

“The teaching style and the underlying ethics of the teacher where my core values that had to align”.

So, where did you end up going?

Paul O’Mahony

“I joined Paul O’Mahony’s Online Buisness Mastery program and Mastermind Group, I felt it was the best fit for me personally”.

O.K, I have to ask…why?

“Haha, I knew that was coming.I liked Paul’s teaching style, very easygoing and open. I liked his ethics, he has started a program to educate kids about money, I really liked that. And his Online Marketing Mentor course was straight forward and very modular. So, it was easy to dip in to the bits i needed”.

There’s an extended article and video content about the full process on my website at derekarmson.com Have a read, it’s a good process I went through”.

Thanks Derek I will, and I’m sure my readers will pop along and have a look.