Hi Jim here, today I;m talking to one of the most intersting characters I’ve met on my travels.

Tania Nursiah is bright, positive and totally alive when you talk to her. She is absolutely committed to her business of wedding planning. She loves organising and helping couples plan the perfect wedding, but it’s an interesting story as to how she got to where she is today.

“I was working in the City as an Administration Manager for a bust Investment Bank”, she remembers.

“The days were long and intense, but the money was brilliant. I was totally committed to the job and I would go more than the extra mile to oil the wheels and keep the department running smoothly, she says as she sips on a latte.

“I would get up at 5am on a Monday morning and the week would be a blur of long hours, getting home sometimes nine or ten pm to get up and do it all the next day. Weekends I would collapse in a heap and recuperate ready to take it all on again the following Monday”, she sighs at the memory.

Driving Too Hard

“I had no idea how hard I was driving myself, but thinking back, I was working like crazy for a nice house and two nice holidays each year. But, when those much needed holidays came around, I was simply too tured, burnt out maybe, to fully enjoy them”.

I can see it’s a painful memory.

Then something happened to “short circuit” the endless round of work.

“Yes, I got pregnant” she laughs, “I was then given no option but to start to slow down. The people at work couldn;t believe I’d done it, they all thought I was the model career girl, destined for the top and all that”, again she laughs.

Lifestyle Change

“But, I knew there and then, the lieftsyle I had been leading was simply not compatible with bringing up a child, so I had to start planning for after my daughter was born, after all she just had to come first”.

“So, I started looking at other options for roles that would get the best out of my organisational skills. It’s funny how these things happen, but at the pre-natal clinic I bumped (sorry, very bad joke) into an old friend who had a friend who ran a wedding planning agency and she suggested it’s something I’d be very good at”, she says.

“That really got the grey matter working and I started researching the role of a wedding planner”.

As she went on to maternity leave, Tania asked her friend for an introduction and two weeks later, Tania met Kate. An immediate friendship was struck up and Kate invited Tania to start helping her on a couple of weddings.

The Apprentice

“It was not paid work, it was Kate offering me a sort of apprenticeship. I was still on maternity leave so I could easily afford to do some organisational work from home without pay, it was a true win/win situation. Kate was busy and desperately needed the help and I wanted to understand the business from the inside”, she stops and thinks.

“Yes, it was so good of Kate to help me like that, even though I could see she was up against it a little at the time, so she needed the help as well. However, I realised that I loved doing wedding planning from the word go”.

“It’s the biggest day of most people’s lives and being able to help create and deliver a perfect wedding is just so gratifying. I love seeing two people in love and celebrating that love, I think it’s one of the best things you can do to see a couple enjoy their perfect vision of a day to to know you have helped create that”.

So what does the future hold?

“Oh more wedding planning”, she laughs heartily, “I just love it, and I can never see me giving this up, I get so much enjoyoment from being a wedding planner in Hertfordshire …and it’s not many people can say that”!

It’s so true, I think I read a stat that suggested less than 3% of people enjoy their work.

“The trick is to not make it work”, she smills a broad grin.

Indeed it is, Tania.

You can find Tania at the following web address:- http://www.orangeblossom.co.uk/ She is based in Hertfordshire, near London.

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