If you were to stop and look around the room you’re in, chances are you’ll have a window close to you. It may have curtains or blinds to give you privacy and control the daylight entering the room, but there are other colourful options you can use to control the transparency of windows, cut down glare and UV radiation from the sun and enhance the security aspect of glass.

I’m talking about applying a layer of window tinting film, which can do all those things, as well as add a splash of colour and a touch of artistic style to a room or office space. Expert window tinting film specialists Tintmaster, based near St Albans, have been installing window tinting in thousands of homes, commercial and public buildings and vehicles for some 25 years now. The experts there have used a variety of designs and techniques in many homes, offices, schools and even sports stadia such as Lord’s Cricket Ground in London.

Corporate Flair

Commercial buildings belonging to both private companies and government authorities have brightened up their office space and added tinted window film for numerous reasons, including adding some corporate flair with applying company and logo colours to office windows. The tinted windows also brightens up the floor of buildings when the daylight and the sun shines through to form pools of coloured shade.


“A pleasant working environment can encourage employees to work more effectively and a lot of our clients use window tinting to promote concentration and encourage energy and focus,” says Tintmaster managing director Martin Schlatter. “By cutting the film into shapes you can also echo the company logo outline or create interesting light patterns. As well as aesthetic reasons, window tinting film can add a ‘frost-like’ effect to clear glass that will blur what’s on the other side, so this is perfect to add privacy to an office space that contains a lot of individual offices with walls of glass.”

Reflecting Outside

For even more privacy, you can apply a layer of tinting film that gives a mirror-like look to windows, so that from outside you see a reflection of yourself and your surroundings, rather than what’s inside. The people on the inside, however, can see outside as normal. “This is popular in ground-floor offices or to give an entire building a sleek reflective look, which is popular in many commercial areas,” Martin says. “Also our customers like using this type of film in garden buildings such as a conservatory or garden room, so that from the outside an attractive garden landscape is reflected back at itself.”

In homes too, the same effect can be used to control visibility of a room inside from outside. “Most of our tinting films for glass also protect from up to 99% of UV light, so the room’s furnishings inside and family members get the light from outside but not he harmful rays,” Martin says. “This is also true for our car window tinting film. It adds an executive shaded look to car windows and also has a practical use! If you’ve just splashed out on a leather car seat interior, it won’t fade as quickly with tinting film on your car windows.”


Tintmaster are also often asked to add additional security to outside windows using safety window film. A layer of this ensures that the building meets existing building regulations for health and safety legislation. “If a window is broken, it won’t shatter into many different fragments if you apply safety window film to it. Instead all the pieces stay stuck together, helping cut down or remove sharp shards of glass falling into the room inside,” Martin tells me.

Window tinting seems to me to be part art-form and part practicality. It’s quick and easy to add, especially when applied by professionals like Tintmaster’s installers, and it can have a stunning effect on the way buildings and cars look. Becoming a glass window tinting specialist like Tintmaster is a great idea for any small business.

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