Business In The Pandemic

I hadn’t posted for a while, and I was sitting there with a coffee pontificating about the effect this horrible pandemic has had on our lives. Maybe a slightly maudling thing to be thinking about, but, if the truth be told, once I got over my initial dark thoughts about it……I was quite encouraged by how people have responded!

Human Ingenuitiy

The first thing that struck me was how many businesses have re-positioned themselves. Restaurants becoming takeaways for example. And, maintaining a super positive attitude.

I’ve just been down to the local Indian and the owner was, as always mega positive. She greeted us with her usual big smile and when we asked about takeaway on Saturday (as all bars and restaurants have to close at 6pm here in Spain at the moment) was greeted by amazing customer service and a superb willingness to help.

I am in awe of people who can remain positive when all around seems to be going to shit!

Re Positioning

So, I have seen lots of stories of repositioning on the news and the like. Restaurants becoming takeaways is a prime example. Many coffee shops have done the same.

I saw another story where an artisan coffee shop in Lancaster in the U.K, was closed down in lockdown 2 and got an old coffee cart, did it up and went out on the high street selling coffee. They also went out to other businesses and sold their coffee beans and ground coffee.

There have also been reports of all sorts of businesses reporistioning to make PPE for care homes and hospitals.

It is the true human spirit shining through when times get tough.

Charitable Work

I am also in complete awe for the many businesses who have not spared a thought for themselves and have started to re-psotion their businesses to providing for the needy. Again, when times are so tight to have the benevolence to provide for people less fortunate, even when their own futures are in jeopardy, speaks volumes for the person.

Outrageous Service

The other way of course is to offer outrageous service. Now, in my humble opinion, if you are in business you should always offer the best service possible.

It is surely the best way to get people coming back for more.

I was encouraged to read this article at Butterknife Books about exactly how a second hand car dealership was dealing with and indeed, profiting during the pandemic. You can read the article here.

The simply re-enforces the view that customer servcie is king and can overcome all obstacles in business.

Get a reputation for outrageous customer service and it will get you known far and wide.

Stay safe!

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Finding A Business Mentor

I was priviledged to talk to online entrepreneur Derek Armson last week. We talked about his search for an online marketing mentor. It was quite a revealing chat!

So, explain why you felt you needed a mentor?

“Well, when I looked at my business, I realised three things things”, he smiles over his artisan coffee, ” I had realised that my digital marketing skillset had a few gaping holes in it, first up.Then I also realised that every time I’ve achieved major success I’ve had a mentor showing me the way”.

You said three realisations?

“Indeed, thirdly, I really wanted to move away from my SEO business into something where I wasn’t beholden to a small number of paying clients who could demand of my time as and when they wanted. Of course, supplying a service like SEO I have no problem with that call, but I didn’t really want it any more”.

Change Of Direction

“So, I decided I wanted to develop a business around affiliate marketing and my own product development, and it was in those areas that I had gaps in my skillset”.

So, how did you go about finding the right mentor?

“Good question”, he laughs, “I went through a really defined procedure”.

“I knew an Internet Marketing “pitch fest” event was coming up, so I went along and picked the best two speakers who I paced with and attended their weekend events”.

“O.K, it cost a few quid, but I needed to know who was the right person for me. This was vitally important”.

So, yes, I get that, but many people can’t afford to fork out that kind of money to find a mentor and then, presumably p[ay an awful lot more to get on to their mentor programs?

My Right!

“It’s a fair point. I was earning well from my SEO business. I was going to say I was fortunate, but that’s not true. I worked hard to build my SEO business and earned the right to do what I wanted with the money I earned. And, I could afford to do it becauise of the efforts I had put in”.

“I would say that if you can’t afford to do it this way, research who you feel would be the right mentor for you. Most of these Guys have YouTube channels and websites where you can get a flovour of their content and style. They do tend to give away quite a bit of good stuff for free”.

“The teaching style and the underlying ethics of the teacher where my core values that had to align”.

So, where did you end up going?

Paul O’Mahony

“I joined Paul O’Mahony’s Online Buisness Mastery program and Mastermind Group, I felt it was the best fit for me personally”.

O.K, I have to ask…why?

“Haha, I knew that was coming.I liked Paul’s teaching style, very easygoing and open. I liked his ethics, he has started a program to educate kids about money, I really liked that. And his Online Marketing Mentor course was straight forward and very modular. So, it was easy to dip in to the bits i needed”.

There’s an extended article and video content about the full process on my website at Have a read, it’s a good process I went through”.

Thanks Derek I will, and I’m sure my readers will pop along and have a look.

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Timing Recruitment Perfectly

When it comes to starting a new venture in business, the timing of when you take action can be critical to the success of the business. It’s always easy in hindsight to look back and see when exactly the best moment would have been to invest in something, or move to a new technology, but much harder to see the trends at the actual time.

Back in 2002 Doug Bates and Chris Mason wanted to move on from their jobs in IT recruitment for City investment banks. Both men wanted to team together to form their own recruitment business but they wanted to focus on recruiting for the new emerging and exciting – and at the time relatively unknown – areas of digital marketing and eCommerce.


Global Clients

So Doug and Chris created the St Albans, Hertfordshire-based recruitment agency Intelligent People, which immediately attracted what are now giant global eCommerce corporations, but at the time back in 2002 were fledgling online retailers, just starting out and unaware of the huge way in which the shopping public would embrace Internet shopping.

“At the time the whole area of internet marketing and eCommerce was a grey area and not many recruiters felt comfortable about working in them,” Chris explains. “Companies looking for employees with knowledge and experience of selling or advertising online came to us for help. Most of these initial clients have stayed with us over the years, and meanwhile have grown into household names. Both them and us have done very well out of that earlier vision and foresight, where our clients knew what skills they needed, and we knew where and how to find qualified potential employees.”

Building Reputation

“It kind of snow-balled,” Doug continued, “because we began to have a growing reputation for being the pioneers of recruiting for these areas, so attracting more clients as the industry grew and an increasing number of companies were adopting online approaches and new media technologies.”

It was a natural progression for Doug and Chris to bring on board more recruitment consultants who had worked in these industry areas, so they had first-hand knowledge of what skills and talent the clients were looking for, and were up-to-date and fully versed in job roles that were evolving as technology became more sophisticated and applied in a number of varying ways.

“We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and all our recruitment consultants stay ahead of the game in developing technology and job roles that are emerging as a result,” Doug says.


Successful businesses these days have to be aware of and competing in a huge range of online and mobile marketing, including one of the first and still popular method of email marketing, search engine optimisation and search engine marketing to drive more traffic to online sites, loyalty marketing which has moved online and onto mobile devices mainly in the form of apps, and the latest types of location-based marketing, which geo-targets prospects when they enter a specific geographical location.

Location Marketing Explained

“There are so many digital channels these days in which an organisation should market, or at least be aware of,” Chris mentions. “And monitoring, tracking and analysing results from all the available channels is in itself a new sphere of job opportunities, called multichannel strategy as part of the overal digital job spread.”

Do Doug and Chris have any advice on timing your next business move to ensure it’s successful? Doug smiles and says, “You could say we were lucky to be in the right place at the right time when we founded Intelligent People, but maybe there’s more to it. After all we were both looking for a challenging new direction, and so deliberately moving away from conventional job requirements and looking towards a possible future. And our forecasts included a growing involvement of the internet in commerce and marketing.”

Look to the Future

So maybe the answer is not to always accept the conventional way of doing things, but stay alert and anticipate industry change, especially as science, technology, and communication moves forward to affect society as a whole.

“Sometimes it can just be an inkling that a revolutionary shift in technology is coming,” concludes Doug, looking smug as he leans back in his chair. The busy lively office of recruitment consultants all around us energetically searching for the best skilled and talented people to become their clients’ next new employee is testament to the fact that Intelligent People is a thriving recruitment agency. If Doug and Chris are smug about their success, I’d say that they have every right to be so.

Go to for more information on eCommerce, product management and marketing recruitment specialists Intelligent People, or check out this extensive deep market artilce on Online Marketing Jobs

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